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Daily Conversation of Bahasa Indonesia

Posted by iierma on May 14, 2009

Bahasa means language, most of the expat who live in Indonesia mention “Bahasa” to say Indonesian language. Bahasa Indonesia is the lingua franca of the archipelago. To pronounce or spoke, sentences in Bahasa similary as they written just like french, however the grammar is easier than other European languages such as French, Germany or Englsih.

When you visit Indonesia, will be better if you can speak a little bit in Bahasa because not everyone in Indonesia can speak International Language (English). Also you will get a cheaper price when you shopping because sometimes the goods on sales can be bargain at the lowest price besides you also can interact deeply with the people and their culture.

Here are some common expressions using in daily conversation:

Greeting :


* Good Morning ===== Bonjour === Selamat Pagi
* Good day ===== Bonne Journey === Selamat siang
* Good Afternoon ===== Bonjour === Selamat Sore
* Good Evening ===== Bonsoir === Selamat Malam
* You are welcome ==== De rien === kembali /sama-sama
* Excuse me ===== Pardon === Ma ‘af, permisi
* It’s my pleasure ==== Avec Plaisir === Dengan senang hati

Question Word:
W 5 + H 1

* Who? =========== Qui ? ====== Siapa ?
* What? =========== Quoi ? ====== Apa ?
* Why? =========== Pourquoi ? ====== Kenapa?/ Mengapa?
* When? ========== Quand ? ====== Kapan ?
* Where? ========= Où ? ====== Dimana ?
* How ? ========== Comment ? ====== Bagaimana ?

* How much is it ? ……… C’est combien? ….. Berapa hargany?
* What time is it ? ……… Quelle heure est-il?….. Jam berapa sekarang?

Asking for Help

* Can you help me please? ..Pouvez-vous m’aider, Spv?..Ma’af bisa minta tolong?
* Where is the police station? ..Où est le poste de police ? ..Dimana kantor polisi?


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